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Kyriaki Costa is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher, with a particular emphasis on art as an anthropological practice. Her work explores and brings together myth and history, philosophy and psychology, climate and ecological concerns. She creates artworks and installations in collaboration with practitioners from many disciplines such as artisans and technology specialists. Often producing participatory environments, she stages social and political interventions which critique different contexts and surroundings.

Since 2015, she has been curating the project "Delivering Views - Delivering Texts" of NGO Phaneromenis 70.

2022: "Head and Hands / Foun[d]ain, NIMAC, 2022, Nicosia

2021: "Head & Hand / Καιρός" / 4.8 -19.9.2021 Curated by Sofia Eliza Bouratsis

A residency Co-organized by Culture Foundation of Tinos Association of Tripotamians and Sberadians “O Kavos” In collaboration with the Municipality of Tinos With the support of Kultur | lx Arts Council Luxembourg i-Portunus – European Cultural Foundation Supporting Creative Mobility (European Commission) Cultural Services of the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Tinos Hoteliers Association

2020: "Burnt Waters, a Response to Carlos Fuentes"/ Energy Systems, Online Exhibition

 A residency funded by Energy Systems,  Well Projects, British arts council and the Cyprus Ministry of Culture to learn new skills in creative technologies.

2020: “Temporal Incosistencies” Solo exhibition in KunstRaumGoethe Cyprus.


2020: “The Event of a Thread. Global Narratives in Textiles” Group exhibition

Curators Susanne Weiß and Inka Gressel (ifa)


2019: “Innovative Flow Solutions” Head and Hand series.

Solo exhibition in Phytorio and book launch under the auspices of the visual artists and art theorists association.

Supporters: Cyprus Ministry of Culture, Kemanes, Goethe Institute Cyprus, C. ROUSHAS TRADING & DEVELOPMENT, construction & development company.

WORKSHOP: Reading of stories about innovative flow solutions

"Hand and Head walking (You are welcome to bring your own dog along too)”

The workshop deals with Kyriaki Costa’'s exhibition “Innovative Flow Solutions/ Head and Hand series” and will be theoretically contextualised by Sofia Eliza Bouratsi.

Supporters: Nicosia Municipality, Visual artists and art theorists association.

2018: "Portraits: Aura of Life and Death", at the Evagoras Lanitis Center, Carob Mill Lanitis, Limassol. The group exhibition is curated by Dr. Efi Kyprianidou.

2018: Ar(t)chaeology /Intersections of Archaeology and Photography at NiMac.


Curators: Elena Stylianou, Yiannis Toumazis, Artemis Eleftheriadou

2018: Contemporary Art from Cyprus

Representation of Cyprus at the Cyprus Contemporary Art Exhibition organized by the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany.

Curators: Britta Von Campenhausen

2018: Cyprus Pavilion Venice Biennale, Architecture

"Presence in Absence" was included in the Cyprus Pavilion of the Venice Biennale

2018: "Handmade Rocno Delo" Estonia, Group Exhipition. Curators: Marika Vicari, Jernej Forbici

2018: "IAPT PHOTOBOOK: 2018, Photographies and Conflict: Archiving and Consuming Images of Strife” Participate with the book "It's Water – Taps and Sources of Nicosia"



2017: Phoinikas, Terra Mediterranea: In Action.

Group exhibition at NiMAC.

Curator: Yiannis Toumazis

Organizers: Pafos 2017, NiMAC.  



Participation with the work “As the Rock Wears Out, 2017”  at the A. G. Leventis Gallery

2017: “Transcending Time”, Athens. Group exhibition supported by the NEON Organisation for Culture and Development.

2017: Livres d’ Artistes: Book Art in Cyprus since the 1960s

curated by Marina Christodoulidou,

Zambelas Art Museum, Nicosia.

2017: So Close Yet So Far Away | Contemporary Artists from Cyprus

Petah Tikva Museum of Art, Israel

Curated by Yiannis Toumazis

2016: Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam.

Solo exhibition “Diaspora – I must have swallowed the dust” at SMBA

Curators:  Jelle Bouwhui, Iris Pissarides

2015: Point center of contemporary art "Its water: Taps and sources of Nicosia"

Solo exhibition in Phytorio and book launch. Speakers: Evangelia Ledaki, Yiannis Toumazis

Kostis Velonis.


2015: Conference “Salamis of Cyprus”. Presentation of  “Eternal time”

Organizers: University of Cyprus


2014: “Other Indications” Nicosia Municipal Arts center, curated by Yiannis Toumazis


2014: Museum for Modern Art Arnhem, Netherlands,

"Threads" Group exhibition.

Curator: Mirjam Westen

2014- 2011: "United States of Europe"( France – Poland – Italy – Belgium – UK – Cyprus – Russia Italy) Group Exhibition



2013: The History of Cyprus. Books and CDs Published by: Phileleftheros Group

Written by: Ira Genakritou Illustrated by: Kyriaki Costa and Louiza Kaimaki

Narrated by: Christina Pavlidou and Achilleas Grammatikopoulos

Music composed by: Giorgos Hadjipieris

Orchestrated by: Marios Takoushis

Edited by: Petros Papapoliviou and Irini Mοdestou

Designed by: Christos Arvanitis


2013: Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia, solo exhibition / “The History of Cyprus”


2012 “Utopia” Group exhibition (new acquisitions of Nikos Pattichis and Philleleftheros newspaper)

2012 “Terra Mediterranea – In Crisis” group exhibition.

Curators Nimac, Pierides foundation

2012 “Envision Cyprus – Memories alive” Brussels at the European Economic and Social Committee, under the auspices of the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the EU.

Curators: Anna Maria Darmanin

Curators: Andri Michael

Roots to Routes 2009 – 2012


2011 "The Location of Culture"  Group exhibition which marked the launch of Walk of Truth in Haggue The Netherlands.

Curator: Pavlina Paraskevaidou

2011 Between you and me and the wall, Omikron Gallery Nicosia Depth or Surface

Curator: Maria Stathi, Polis Peslikas


2010: OMIKRON Gallery Nicosia "Drawing Room," Curator: Maria Stathi

2010: International Triennial of Tapestry, Poland, Group exhibition

2010: Roots to Routes 2009 – 2012 Art ATHINA, Diatopos.


2010: “Kypriaka”, a competition for the upgrading of the quality of Cypriot souvenirs, in which two of her proposals were  awarded amongst the first five.

2010: Leventis Municipal Museum, Nicosia. solo exhibition with the work “This is my country and it is unexpectedly beautiful” Curator: Loukia Hadjigavriel

2009: Diatopos, Nicosia: “Presence in Absence” This work received the first prize PAD International Award in Italy, for the “Mediterranean Between Present and Future” Competition.


2009: "Migrations", Pinakothiki of Kalamata, curated by Heather Felty, Kalamata, Greece


2009: MADATAC II New Media Art - Videoart Audiovisual Technologies Spain

Dialogues with the machine: Family “Presence in Absence” K.Costa

Curated by NeMe Ngo

2008: Received the Pancyprian prize at “Yfanseis-Weavings-Dokuma”, a competition organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts, for the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue.


2006: Saint Etienne Biennale / France, where she received the public’s prize

2006: Cairo Biennale Representation of Cyprus with the work “Sweet Land”. The Cyprus delegation received the Best Pavilion Prize.

2005: ''Leaps of Faith'' / 13.05-29.05.2005 Curated by Katerina Gregos and Erden Kosova

An international arts project for the Green Line and the city of Nicosia, Cyprus


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