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The Event of a Thread. Global Narratives in Textiles, 2020

 Group exhibition

Curators Susanne Weiß and Inka Gressel (ifa)

Kyriaki Costa

Diaspora – I Must Have Swallowed The Dust.

Installation, various materials


 “The work thematically circles around the concept of dust and the potential of diaspora that a dust-cloud makes imaginable. The artists blurs the boundaries between artefacts of culture and the natural world conceiving both as parts of the same social historic processes. (…) The mosaic forms seem scattered in space but they are also intrinsically related to history via their topological and chronological characteristics as mapped and moulded locales. Being both vessels of dust as well as made to present the conflict driven locations from which the dust emerged, they remind us that the realm of the political is far from a mere abstraction.”(Iris Pissaride)

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